Rick Rogers, Technology Director
Cell#: (478)-231-4939
Office#: (478)-374-3783
The vision of the Dodge County School System is to offer hope to our students of whom 65% live in generational poverty. Through the use of technology we will be able to give our students a view of the world outside of the rural, unincorporated areas in which 58% of them live. Technology integration will enable us to prepare our students for future careers that do not even exist yet. Our classrooms will be enriched with real life performance tasks, collaborative planning and completion of assignments by diversified groups of students. Textbooks will be one of many resources used by students who complete research, hypothesize, and complete experiments and scientific studies using computers, Internet resources, and high tech software. Research findings and experiment results will be shared using interactive whiteboards, LCD projectors, podcasting, blogging, professional and attractive charts and graphs created with computer software. Our classrooms are student centered and the teacher serves as a coach guiding his or her students through new and exciting learning experiences. Administrators, Board of Education members, and other stakeholders will engage in data driven decision making as a result of current data being available through the use of technology. The Dodge County School System believes that the skillful use of technology can be an integral part of producing successful 21st Century citizens who are collaborative problem solvers and critical thinkers.